John Goodrich

My goal is to capture visual aspects of the world in a language of forms unique to painting. I see this language as a play of colors and shapes that reveals the deeper character of objects: their stature, weight, and motion – in short their pictorial role – within a painting’s rectangle. Matisse’s words serve me as a touchstone: “Giotto is the summit of my desires, but the road leading to an equivalent, in our age, is too long for one lifetime."

John Goodrich’s paintings have appeared in solo shows at Bowery Gallery in New York City and the Contemporary Realist Gallery in San Francisco and in group exhibitions at Elizabeth Harris Gallery, Kouros Gallery, Lori Bookstein Fine Art and other galleries in New York City. His work has been reviewed in The New York Times, The New York Sun, The New York Observer, The New Haven Register and other publications. A writer on art, he was a regular contributor to Review magazine, The New York Sun, and CityArts. He currently teaches studio classes at Haverford College and Borough of Manhattan Community College.